University Transcription Services


The Use and Benefits of University Transcription Services

Universities are probably the most frequent users of transcription services. A university/college regular deals with several types of recording, audios, and videos including lecture recordings, speeches, seminars, research recordings, admission and job interviews, dissertations and more. These recordings are mostly converted to text transcripts for better learning, storage, and discussions. 

Many universities and colleges hire university transcription services of professional companies to get the task done. Some major universities alternatively employ their own in-house team of transcribers to tackle regular transcription needs. Outsourcing a transcription project is usually a more convenient and cost-friendly option, especially if you need foreign language transcriptions.

Many universities record their lectures, meetings, seminar and other official events to keep a formal evidence of all these proceedings. These records are useful when a discussion or study is conducted based on a particular event on a later date. Hiring a professional university transcription company is the best option to get an academic recording transcribed into well-formatted text quickly and at the best transcription services.

Options for University Lecture Transcription

There are three possible options when you need an official university recording transcribed into text. First, you can use free or paid transcription software to perform the task yourself. This is the most convenient but least accurate option. The university transcription rates of an automated process may be lower, but the quality of transcriptions is generally bad with a low level of accuracy. University transcripts are official documents for which accuracy is very important. So, it is highly recommended not to use this option. 

The third and best option is to outsource all your university lecture transcription needs to an expert transcription company. Professional transcriptions companies usually have teams of transcribers who are expert in different languages and types of transcriptions. They can perform highly accurate transcriptions for any academic recordings. The transcription service rates of these companies are also very competitive. A professional company will also guarantee on-time delivery of all your transcribed projects so that you can continue their analysis as per your schedule.

The second option is to hire an in-house transcriber who can perform the regular university transcription tasks as and when needed. But this is a costly option as you will have to pay the transcriber even if there is no work to do. Also, you can only access their services during the work hours, not after and not before that. A single person is also limited by the number of languages and types of transcriptions they can handle.

If quality is what you are looking for, you should definitely consider hiring the university transcription services of a professional transcriber or agency. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still manage to find a good enough transcription service provider with a little research on the internet. Make sure to check the authentication and market reputation of a transcription company before hiring them for your project. You can assess their skills, knowledge, and experience by evaluating their previous work samples and existing clients. You can also look out for academic transcription services